Warsaw in Yiddish Culture (a course in Hebrew)

A series of lectures on Warsaw in Yiddish culture, with a variety of scholars, actors, singers and artists.

Once a month on Friday, 9am

Tickets: tours@test.bh.org.il

Friday, 4.11

Warsaw – the capital of Jewish eastern Europe. Prof. Avraham Novernshtern

Warsaw of the cantors. Dr. Mordechai Sobol, musical director of Yuval ensemble. Cantors: Zvi Weis, Simon Cohen

Friday, 2.12

Documentary films from the 1920’s and 1930’s, from Beit Hatfutsot’s collection. Ms. Rivka Aderet.

Jewish education in Warsaw. Prof. Moti Zelkin

Friday, 20.1

Ester Rachel Kamniska, “Mother of Jewish Theater”. Mr. Moti Averbuch. Actress: Anabella

Warsaw in the stories of Bashevis Singer. Prof. Avraham Novernshtern

Friday, 17.2

The Association of Jewish Authors and Journalist in Warsaw between the two World Wars. Prof. Nati Cohen

Warsaw of Shalom Ash. Mr. Moti Averbuch. Actors: Dori Engel, Elian Debal-Shor

Friday, 3.3

A Litvak in Warsaw? Prof. Moti Zelkin

I.L. Peretz in Warsaw. Dr. Ruhama Albag

Friday, 21.4

“Down with Shabbat attires”. Jewish avant-garde in Warsaw. Dr. Aviva Tal

Rabbis, Hasidim and simple Jews. Dr. Yaniv Goldberg

Friday, 12.5

Welcome to Smocza street. The Jewish street. Mr. Benny Mer

Itzik Manger writes poetry in Warsaw. Dr. Aviva Tal. Singer: Vira Luzinski. Pianist: Igor Ostrowski

Friday, 16.6

The golden age of Yiddish cinema in Poland. Mr. Yaacov Gross

Yiddish cabaret in Warsaw! By Dori Engel. Actors: Dori Engel, Miri Regendorfer. Pianist: Misha Blecherovich. Saxophones: Shachar Blecherovich.